VENUE is a mixture of the classic and the futuristic currents, a fusion between djs and the real city night clubbers.

At VENUE we only have one goal and is to became the most modern and succesful open mind club in Central America, a place that everybody can have a good time with a mix of style, music and a well done place to enjoy.

Its not just a remodelated place, each detail of the club have a meaning to give pleasure to our clients, our decoration is inspired by the  French baroque period, each furniture and chandelieur is specially design for the club, we also counts with an exquisite collection of vintage German paints imported exclusively to be placed at VENUE.

VENUE counts with a Main Floor and a Lounge each room spins different music between underground sounds of house and techno to more mainstream music as pop remixes and circuit music. Depending of the event, the club can use any of the rooms to host one of the 2 ambients and the Lounge to host the otherone; both rooms together can host around 1200 people.

The club uses a powerful Madrix light system designed by the same company that work nightclub light systems at Dubai, Ibiza, Las Vegas, Miami, Mexico and Brazil to name a just a few.

Located strategically at the east side of San José, right across Mall San Pedro and really close to many universitys, comercial places, and offices.

With a friendly treatment  and a unique ambience, VENUE is by far one of the most respectable places in the San José.